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There is a dream of a better life that awaits. A life lived in concert and harmony with nature, in peace and tranquility. A life full of promise, for the present and for the future. A haven from the cares of the everyday, where children can grow and play. A place of light and water, where there is room to breathe, to laugh and to live. Where nothing is ever Too far away - nor too close by.

Nature, Amenities, Connectivity and Affordability - these are the four founding pillars on which Aditya Royal The elements that, together, create a community that is self-contained and sustainable, and that foster a sense of pride and fondness for residents and visitors alike.

To begin with, you're cordoned off from the main road, by layers of green cover. From tree-lined avenues to landscaped gardens and the adjacent lake, the whole ambience here seems like a serene suburb, though you're in the extended city. Enjoy quiet walks in solitude, amidst tweeting birds and sentinel trees. Ponder on happy thoughts from the comfort of your park bench.

  • HMDA approved
  • 100% vaastu
  • 60, 40 & 30 feet all black top roads
  • Underground drainage
  • Amphithetre
  • Avenue plantation with tree Guard
  • Parks with Play Equipments
  • Entire venture fencing with entrance arch
  • Electricity with street lights
  • Children park
  • Water Connection, Over Head Tank
  • Transformer with Electrical Lines
  • Water Harvesting Points

Aditya Ankura Layout

Comming Soon...